Friday, 3 August 2012

The campervan capital

Day 101 1.08.12 Tarifa

After an early morning call to a UK supplier to see if they can chase down a replacement waste box (no chance) we hit the road for Tarifa.  We’re absolutely astonished by the amount of campsites along the route, it seems like every couple of minutes there’s another one.  Tarifa is famous for being a great place for windsurfing and kitesurfing, playing host to international championships.  It certainly seems very popular as the campsites are all very busy!

The town itself is also full of campervans who seem very welcome.  We pull in next to a group of several other vans and grab lunch.  We have a quick look around the local area but again retreat to the van whilst the sun is at its hottest.

In the early evening we go to look around the town and find it to be a lovely little place.  Along the beach you can clearly make out the coast of Africa which I find particularly exciting (that's Africa in the picture!).  You can take boat trips here to Tangier which I’m keen to price up although Chris isn’t hugely fussed.  You can definitely feel the Moroccan influence in the town’s architecture and public spaces.   There are plenty of nice statues, pretty fountains and a couple of castles too.  The historic old town is surrounded by somewhat crumbly rampart walls beyond which we find narrow streets full of hippyish (but expensive) shops.  

It’s too cloudy for a sunset so we head back to the van for dinner and more Star Wars.

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