Thursday, 16 August 2012

Partying with rock stars. It’s just how we roll.

Day 110 10.08.12 Gibraltar

Mum and baby barbary macaques in GibraltarBarbary macaque in GibraltarWe woke up to discover that we weren’t the only people enjoying the beach side location last night, it seems the mosquitos were too.  It’s horrible to wake up and spot a few mosquitos full of blood!  Then the waiting game begins to see which one of us got bitten (usually Ali).

It’s pretty late when we wake up and so it becomes a relatively lazy day.  We have a trip to the supermarket, wander into town for wifi on the phones and have a short walk on the beach.  We make the most of the beach facilities too for getting showered and Chris having a shave session (of head and face!).

Barbary macaque in GibraltarIn the evening we head out to the only rock bar on Gibraltar.  The band we hung out with earlier in the week were playing an acoustic gig in the botanic gardens earlier this evening and were having a party there afterwards.  Having spent a fair amount of cash already in Gibraltar we decided not to buy gig tickets and just meet up with everyone at the after party.  The Rock in the Rock is an awesome little bar and the cheapest on Gibraltar.  There were some live bands playing, including the owners band who pull out some superb classic rock covers.  We meet up with loads of the people we’ve met here and have a fantastic night.  It sounds like Breed 77 put on a great gig although the lads seem a little swamped by all the post gig attention!   Once again it’s around 3am before we’re heading back to the van for another night as the mosquito buffet.  By the way it was Ali who got the most bites we’re running at a tally of 12 bites to 5, including one on my big toe?!

Again I didn’t take any pictures today so here’s some more monkeys!

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