Saturday, 18 August 2012

Marbella ella ella

Day 114 14.08.12  Marbella

Plaza de los naranjos, Marbella in SpainOn our second day in Marbella we firstly headed over to the shopping centre to grab some food.  Chris picked up some new shirts and a bottle of gin just to get the free t-shirt (that’s how cheap booze is here, don’t worry though we won’t let the gin go to waste!).

After lunch we headed into town for a look around.  The large park was where we spent a lot of the day, chilling out by the fountains and watching the little terrapins basking in the sunshine.  It’s a gorgeous spot to while away some time surrounded by vivid flowers and all sorts of different types of trees. 

Marbella park
Dali sculptures on Avenida del Mar in Marbella, SpainThe main square is surrounded by orange trees and the most attractive older buildings in Marbella including the town hall.  It’s unfortunately marred however by the ludicrously overpriced bars and cafes that fill up the centre of the square and have covered it in tables, chairs and ginormous sun umbrellas.  A real shame! 

The walk down to the sea front is a long promenade filled with replica Dali sculptures and water features which are very nice.  Once there you’re met with miles of sand packed with sun bathers and yet more people standing around posing!  A short walk along and you come to the large marina full of some very impressive boats.

Marbella marina, Spain
We also visited the main church which is simple but pretty both inside and out.  Marbella is immaculately maintained throughout.  There are flowers everywhere and the streets are lined with palm trees.  Many of the residential streets are lined on both sides with potted plants to brighten up the place and everywhere is very clean.  Despite all this it’s not quite as exclusive or posh as I’d expected it to be.  There are elements of fanciness, with second hand shops dealing in Gucci and Prada, but within a few paces you’ll be at a tacky junk shop.  Nobody seems to have told the tourists and locals though who are still swanning around like its Beverley Hills.

Whilst Marbella is undoubtedly a very pretty place, the falseness and attitude of some of the people here make it very ugly indeed. 

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