Saturday, 18 August 2012

Marbella: proof money can’t buy taste

Day 113 13.08.12 Marbella

After a lazy morning including some blissfully cold showers we opted to leave Estepona and head to our next stop of Marbella.  We arrived midday to find the area was jam packed with holidaymakers and parking spots were gold dust.  After driving from one end of town to the other we found a paid (urgh) beach car park at the very edge of Marbella to stop for a little while and come up with a plan for where to spend the night and a new parking spot from which we could explore the town.

Consulting our POI map we spotted a large shopping complex about 1.5km from the main centre of town.  To leave our current position however meant pulling out onto a motorway uphill!  Given the difficulty of the task in hand we decided to stay put until traffic died down and chill out on the beach for the day.

The beach was quite busy but soon thinned out away from the bars and car park area.  It’s a lovely stretch of sea that was very busy with people trying out all sorts of water based activities including one guy with some sort of water jet pack that propelled him into the air and was controlled by his hands and feet.  He looked like IronMan and it seemed like the most fun ever!  I think it was privately owned though.  We couldn’t see any signs for hire prices and since it was 50 for 15 minutes on a jetski we figured it was probably out of our price range anyway!

We had a really enjoyable walk along the beach dipping our toes in the lovely cool sea. It certainly made for some interesting people-watching too as Marbella is full of people wanting to be seen. People don’t walk here, they strut. They don’t stand, but pose. As people who really don’t give a crap what we look like (we live in a van for christ’s sake) we find the whole thing pretty hilarious! To the locals and Marbella holiday-makers, we seem to be just as alien in our scruffy clothes and state of disrepair!

The traffic finally died down around 8:30 so we headed off for the shopping area and ended up parking a little closer to town on a scrap of land beside some flats.  We went to have a look around the shopping centre and were once more amazed by the people there.  Some of the women looked to have spent hours getting ready to go to the supermarket in skin-tight mini dresses and skyscraper heels!  That’s before we even get started on the grotesquely oversized boob jobs!  It certainly is quite a shock to the system to walk around what feels like a TV set for Desperate Housewives.  Marbella is full of obviously wealthy but distinctly average looking older men with women half their age who I can only assume they found on the internet, less and more  Its pretty sad really.

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