Thursday, 30 August 2012

Nothing to report but laziness

Day 127 27.08.12 Las Alcanzares

We’ve been staying up quite late at the moment so that by the time we’re done with our pre bedtime film it’s cooled down enough to sleep.  This unfortunately means we’re getting up later too and this morning is no exception.  After we’d got up and had our showers (I’ve got clean hair again woohoo!) it was already early afternoon so we decided that after dinner and getting the van ready to leave it would be a bit late to get on the road.  Instead we had a lazy day by the shopping centre.    We’ve both been feeling a little overwhelmed by the heat of late so we don’t feel like getting up to very much.  We do some writing and some reading, use the centre’s wifi and watch a couple of films.   A bit of a wasted day to be honest but it’s pretty hard to get motivated in this heat!  Tomorrow we plan to hit the road for Murcia and get back to our sight-seeing selves.  I took a picture of the shopping centre so I had something to go with this post, it’s quite pretty really!

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