Thursday, 30 August 2012

Beer bellies and bargains

Day 126 26.08.12 Las Alcazares

Granada has been great to us and allowed us to recharge our batteries and get a few bits done.  We also of course had a wonderful time exploring the beautiful city and the phenomenal Alhambra Palace. Sadly though today is time to leave and head back to the coast.  We’ve been away from a decent water supply for too long and I don’t want to even disclose how long it’s been since I last got to wash my hair (too damn long!). 

The weather is still swelteringly hot and the idea of a nice cold beach shower is too tempting to resist.  We’re missing out a lot of the Costa del Sol in an attempt to avoid sardine packed beaches and the ‘Brits abroad’ mentality.  It was a long drive through some pretty mountainous territory but this made for great views and Van Diesel despite a few grumbles did us proud.

We opted for Las Alcazares in the hope it wouldn’t be too full of tourists but would have the necessary facilities for us.  We avoided our original parking space idea after spotting a huge travelling fair next to it.  There were a lot of beaten up campervans around and a lot of noise being made.  Instead we found a spot further along the strip of car parking that seemed safer and quieter.

After lunch we set out to find the beach.  The route to the beach was lined with English and Irish bars filled with lobster red beer-bellied Brits shouting at the football.  Exactly the kind of atmosphere we’d hoped to avoid! 

The beach itself was nice and not too busy although it only had pitifully weak foot showers, not what we’d hoped for either.  No showers for me here L  There doesn’t appear to be any sights to see here and given the disappointment on the facilities front we decided to hit the road again. 

About 15 minutes outside of town we found a huge shopping centre and opted to park up there for the night.  There was a massive supermarket inside so we bought a load of 5 litre bottles of water so I could finally wash my hair.  Whilst I feel a little fancy washing with only mineral water, it’s pretty wasteful and less than ideal but needs must I’m afraid! 

The shopping centre was blissfully cool.  I managed to pick up a couple of pairs of trainers in the supermarket for a bargainous 3 euros each!  Later on we took Chris’ laptop to get some more updates and downloads online at one of the upstairs bars selling gloriously cold beers for a mere 70 cents.  A fine way to redeem the day!

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