Thursday, 9 August 2012

Bursting with burgers and beer

Day 104 4.08.12 Guadacorte

It was a terrible night’s sleep in the car park, the McDonald’s turned out to be open 24 hours and our location near the ferry ticket office meant getting woken up by an army of Moroccan children at 6am!  Thankfully we’ve got a chilled out morning ahead before heading to a friends for a pool party and BBQ.
We head over early afternoon and meet Mark who guides us to Andy’s family’s villa.  It’s a lovely neighbourhood that feels very safe despite the two whore houses!  Their villa is great with a large outdoor area and pool. 

It’s fantastic to chat to other English/Gibraltarian people and eat some decent food.  We fill ourselves to bursting point with burgers and beer.  We meet loads of new people, mostly Gibraltarians, some who still live on the rock and others who’ve moved to the UK and are back visiting.  It’s really interesting to hear all about life growing up in Gibraltar and amazing how quickly everyone flits between Spanish and English, even throwing in words of either language within one sentence.

After a second lot of BBQ food and a load more beer we waddle back to the van to bed.  It’s been a great day.  Thanks to Andy for his hospitality! 

Since I only took one picture at the BBQ I suppose I’ll have to post it.  My apologies Mark but this is what happens when you fall asleep at a party!

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