Thursday, 30 August 2012

The laptop is back, the laptop is back. Praise be the laptop is back.

24.08.12 Granada

We awoke to a text from the laptop repair centre saying Chris’ laptop is fixed.  The world can begin turning again!  We went to pick it up and were pleased that the price turned out to be exactly as promised without any hassle (something we’d been a little dubious about).

The laptop is fine and dandy and now running Windows.  Obviously there were plenty of programmes Chris still wanted and lots of customising to do so back to the Science Museum media centre for us.  I’d love to fill these entries with awesome sights every day but sadly real life often gets in the way!  The Science Museum has been an amazing home for us and they don’t seem to mind us turning up with the laptops, plugging them in (yay free electricity!) and surfing the super fast wifi for extended periods.

Chris got most of the programmes he wanted and I wasted a load more time faffing around and catching up on webcomics.  In the evening we watched more of the great films we’ve downloaded recently.  Look here’s a butterfly we saw at the science museum.

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