Thursday, 23 August 2012

It’s too hot to do stuff so we didn’t

Day 122 22.08.12 Granada

First thing we set out to find the laptop shop again only to discover it was still closed.  We took the web address on the door and went back to the van to look it up.  Sadly that branch had closed but there were several more in Granada so we headed out to find one.  We came across a different shop first and went in to speak to them.  They offered a decent price and a 1-2 day turn-around time so we left the overpriced paperweight with them in the hope they’ll turn it into a beautiful functional laptop! 

Afterwards we had a massively lazy day that consisted of more internet faffery, downloading and watching some films.  We also both had some sewing to do to repair broken clothes and reinforce falling off buttons (rock and roll!).  The heat at the moment is really overwhelming so it’s pretty damn tiring to do anything!  Since we have a little wait in Granada for the laptop we thought we’d get some relaxing done.  No pictures today so here’s some more from the science museum.

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