Thursday, 23 August 2012

Albaicin let down

Day 120 20.08.12 Granada

We woke up to discover that the Science Museum doesn’t even open on Mondays *sigh*.  Thankfully the supermarkets do, so our first stop was to stock up on water and food!  After an epic trek back to the van with water for drinking and water for washing, Chris got on with some hand washing whilst I did more internet faffing (I love wifi!). 

In the afternoon we headed into town to have a better look at the Albaicin quarter, a world heritage site.  Unfortunately we were a little disappointed in the area.  The old winding streets are charming but the area on the whole is pretty run down and there are banners with spray-painted anti-Government sentiment everywhere.  They certainly do ruin the otherwise cute whitewashed wall houses although you can still see many examples of impressive Moorish architecture and there are great views of the Alhambra high on the overlooking hill.

We wandered around the tiny shops in the market area, full of pungent spiced teas and brightly coloured lamps.  It’s a taste of Morocco that makes the city feel like a real mix of cultures.  Sadly all the lovely fountains from last night are all turned off during the day.  Presumably to avoid water loss in this insane heat!
After a long walk enjoying the amazing architecture in town we headed back to the van for dinner and a film.

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