Thursday, 23 August 2012

Living the dream. If the dream is cold beans and off crackers for dinner.

Day 119 19.08.12 Granada

In the morning we opted to move the van to a new spot beside the science museum.  It’s closer to town, the supermarkets and the science museum has a super fast open wifi connection we can pick up from the van. 

We had a walk to the nearby supermarkets only to discover they were all closed as its Sunday (usually the out of town ones are open on Sundays).  This was quite unfortunate since it’s around 42 degrees and we’re running out of water not to mention food.  I had a yoghurt for dinner and Chris enjoyed some cold baked beans and Jacobs crackers!  LIVING THE DREAM! 

After our search in vain for a supermarket, it was a bit too late in the day to visit the science museum as it closes at 3pm on Sundays.  Instead most of the day was spent updating the blog and catching up on all things online.  We found ourselves a load of films to download too.

In the evening we skyped home to family to catch up.  Afterwards we went out for a walk to see Granada at night.  It is incredibly pretty with all the fountains and bridges lit up.  There were lots of families and couples out enjoying the cool night air.  Sadly I forgot to take my camera (I blame lack of food delirium) so here’s a few more of the stunning Alhambra from yesterday.

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