Saturday, 18 August 2012

Grand Granada

Day 117 17.08.12 Granada

Granada cathedral, SpainAfter a lazy morning in Fuengirola we got on the road to Granada.  The drive along the A7 on the coast offered great views over the coastal resorts along the way.  The rest of the journey was however pretty hilly and Van Diesel wasn’t a huge fan! 

The car park we headed to turned out to be ridiculously expensive (over 20 euros a night with no services) so we parked up instead around the corner in a car park intended for the cemetery, hopefully nobody will bother us there!  The temperature when we arrived was a sweltering 43 degrees and very muggy.  The wind is so hot it feels like a hairdryer when it hits you!  

After some lunch we headed over to the Alhambra Palace to try and pick up tickets for a visit.  It was sold out for that afternoon and for some odd reason they won’t let you buy tickets for the following days.  Not that they tell you that when you join the massive queue!  Organisationally the place is a complete nightmare and since they sell out every day they really don’t care!  We checked the opening times for the following day and vowed to return as early as possible since we’re only parked about five minutes walk away!

Afterwards we headed into town to look around and were quickly bowled over by the place.  The architecture is just astonishing!  We looked around many churches and marvelled at the stunning cathedral.  There is a real Moorish feel to much of the architecture and a strong hippy vibe which makes the town feel relaxed and very welcoming. 

There are lots of little parks dotted around with pretty water features and great statues.  Just walking along the main street is a big highlight though, so long as you look up!  The buildings which house many of the main shops and caf├ęs are incredibly grand and very impressive indeed.  It really is a city to lose yourself in as so many of the back streets hold beautiful secrets of their own.

The Government buildings are really attractive, as to are the many university faculty buildings.  It’s quite overwhelming how many fantastic buildings there are to look at!  After a little while of being out of sight seeing mode, Granada is the perfect place to dive right back in!  It really is a gorgeous city with a great atmosphere and plenty to see.    

After a good few hours of strolling around marvelling at the architecture, we decided to head back to the van when the light started to fade.  It’s a steep trek uphill back to the parking spot and we’re pretty knackered by the time we get back.  We get some dinner cooked and eaten and then it’s time for a couple of episodes of Futurama before an early night given tomorrow’s plan to (eeeep) get up EARLY!

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