Thursday, 23 August 2012

Fun with dinosaurs.

Day 121 21.08.12 Granada

At last it’s time for our trip to the science museum.  We’ve been looking forward to it since we parked up outside and feel somewhat obliged to visit given our massive wifi usage!  The entry fee is 6.50 euros each with an extra charge for the observatory but the shows there are all in Spanish so we give that a miss. 

The museum is wonderfully interactive, there are so many mini experiments to try and virtually nothing you’re prevented from playing with.  We ran around like kids trying out all the different machines anyone who has liked our facebook page
will have seen some of the pictures already!  The entrance hall featured an interactive robot with all sorts of actions you could make him do and phrases he could say, including this famous Star Wars speech: 

There was a thermal imaging scanner, a super magnifying camera and a hall of mirrors which were all great fun!
Dinosaur exhibition at Granada's Parque de Ciencias
The temporary dinosaur exhibition was a massive draw for us and the giant animatronic dinosaur displays were really very impressive.  The human body hall was also great fun with fascinating displays and a really fun game called Mindball which measures your brain waves.  The objective is to clear your mind as much as possible which causes the ball to move towards your opponent’s goal.  Chris kicked my ass well and truly!  I can’t clear my brain, if I’m not thinking of something specific my brain reverts to thinking about kittens!

Dinosaur exhibition at the Parque de Ciencias GranadaIn the huge outside area there were yet more experiments to try, a huge observation tower to climb and an amazing butterfly house.  It was incredibly warm in there but there were all sorts of different types of butterflies big and small.  There was also a breeding area where you could see the butterflies emerging from their chrysalises.  The butterflies were perfectly happy fluttering around our faces on landing momentarily on people.  It was a lovely experience.

Butterfly house, Granada science parkOutside there were also some old planes and helicopters much to Chris’ delight!  There was also an exhibition celebrating a puppeteer whose works were on a massive scale.  Some of the puppets were terrifyingly huge!  All in all it was a fantastic place to visit and we had great fun!

Afterwards we were pretty tired and just chilled out in the van.  In the evening we went for a short walk and came across a laptop repair shop (yes the laptop is STILL broken).  The shop was shut but we’ll return tomorrow and hopefully get the damn thing sorted!

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