Thursday, 30 August 2012

We’ll leave the Science museum soon I promise!

Day 125 25.08.12 Granada

Our internet research had informed us that there was a launderette on the other side of town in the student area.  After a lazy morning in the (you guessed it) Science Museum media centre we drove over.  The area was a little run down with numerous damaged cars but we found ourselves a safe enough looking parking spot and headed over to the launderette.  Whilst the clothes were getting washed we took a walk to the monastery La Cartuja nearby.  The building is quite simply but attractive nonetheless.  We decided the entry fee of 4 euros was a little steep though and just had a walk around the outside and enjoyed the views over the well-manicured courtyard gardens.

We picked up the washing and let the guy at the till practice his English on us, then headed back to the van.  We had planned to explore this area a little further and spend the night here but it didn’t feel particularly safe so we headed back to the Science Museum for dinner, a movie and bed.

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