Thursday, 16 August 2012

Goodbye Gibraltar :-(

Day 111 11.08.12 Gibraltar

Once again we’re late getting up and not as fresh as we’d like so it’s another lazy day!  Again we grab some bits from the supermarket and head into town for wifi on the iphones over a cold glass of coke at the Royal Calpe (rapidly becoming our Gibraltar local!).

Other than that we just chill out by the beach and enjoy having a last look around Gibraltar.  We’re off on the road again tomorrow and both very hesitant to leave!  We’ve had an absolutely amazing time here for so many reasons.  It’s been great to sort out a few on-going problems in replacing the toilet and getting all our washing done.  It has been lovely to fill our bellies with English food we’ve missed so much.  The things we’ve seen here have been awesome too but most of all the people we’ve met have really made Gibraltar for us.  Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming and done a fantastic job in making sure we have the best time possible.  Thanks once again to Mark for introducing us to all his lovely friends and giving us a great tour of the island.

I didn’t take many pictures today so here’s a shot, from when we went up the rock, of Roman Abramovich’s GIANT boat, moored up in Gibraltar.  It’s like a floating city!  Oh and a picture of a monkey with its bum in the air because it amused me.  I’ll stop with the monkeys now I promise!

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