Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hangovers and the Dark Knight

Day 109 9.08.12 Gibraltar

Well needless to say after walking for 4 hours up and down the rock of Gibraltar, a 3am casino drinking session wasn’t the best idea in the world and we awoke today somewhat fuzzy of head (understatement of the century!).  After a lazy lie in we walked over to the other side of the rock to check out beach side parking.  We’d seen a large empty looking car park from the rock on our visit yesterday and thought it looked like a good spot.  Sure enough there were plenty of spaces and good facilities so we vowed to move the van later that day after the traffic had died down.  Driving in Gibraltar is pretty hectic!

After heading back to the van to grab laptops we headed to a pub in town for lunch and wifi.  The food at the Royal Calpe was very good indeed and went some way to easing our hangovers!  We managed to get the blog updated and caught up on emails etc too.

After dropping the laptops back at the van we headed to the cinema in time for the late afternoon Batman showing.  This time there were plenty of decent seats to be had and we were surprised to find the film started on the dot at the stated time with no trailers or adverts.  At only five pounds a ticket we were very impressed!  We both really enjoyed the film, it was certainly worth the wait!

On returning to the van we moved it over to the beach car park and settled in for the evening.  It’s nice to be back by the beach, falling asleep to the sounds of the sea. Here’s a pic of Van Diesel looking super tiny against the rock of Gibraltar!

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