Thursday, 9 August 2012

Buy ALL the food

Day 107 7.08.12 Gibraltar

After a lazy morning we drive the van across the border.  The queue is ridiculous, thanks to a couple of planes taking off!  Customs don’t care about looking inside the van so after flashing our passports, we’re on our way. 

We park up in Morrisons and get some shopping done.  We do our best to not go over the top but there was custard, and oooh apple pie, and yay proper sweets, and awesome deep pan pizza and ok we did a terrible job of not going over the top!

Given Morrisons 3 hour parking or clamps policy we had to find a new parking spot before heading to the launderette.  Parking on Gib isn’t easy unless you want to pay for an underground spot but we eventually find somewhere and set off with our mountains of washing.  Thankfully there’s unsecured wifi there to keep us occupied.

Whilst we wait Chris goes to pick up his still-not-fixed-laptop.  Acer sent back the laptop running in Ubuntu and not Windows (gee thanks) and the Gibraltar repair company want 50 quid to install it which we can do ourselves so we grab it back.  Its gone 6pm before we get the washing finished and much later by the time we’ve carried it all back to the van.

We grab a few big bottles of water for showering from Coviran and get freshened up.  The evening is spent catching up on blog entries and attempting to make Chris’ laptop functional before an epic late night feast of English grub before a few episodes of Black Books then bed.

I didn’t really take any pictures today so here’s a shot of Chris sitting in a cannon.

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