Thursday, 9 August 2012

Monkeys, Morrisons and More laptop shenanigans

Day 106 6.08.12 Gibraltar

Our second day in Gibraltar starts with us making a big list of all the things we need to get sorted.  On our way in we spot lots of monkeys including a mother with her baby.  SOOOOO CUTE!

First things first a new toilet!  We head to Gibraltar’s tourist office and the nice lady directs us to the marina for chandlery’s and also a launderette.  The first shop we find has exactly what we need (if a little big) at 15 euros less than Leroy Merlin, needless to say we’re pretty chuffed to have hopefully seen the back of the toilet drama!  We ask the friendly staff to keep hold of it whilst we go check out the launderette.  It’s a bit expensive but we need to get stuff washed so we’ll return with washing tomorrow.

Next stop is the giant Morrisons store to see what English goodies we can get.  We’re overwhelmed by all the stuff we’ve been missing and some of the great prices so it looks like we’ll be bringing the van over for a big shop!

Afterwards we meet Mark whose kind parents agreed to receive Chris’ laptop from the UK after it’s trip to Acer support.  We grab the laptop, go back for the toilet and have a long and arduous walk back to the van! 

After fiddling around with the laptop we discover the damn thing is still not working.  Seriously Acer support are 100% useless.  More faffing (and swearing) later we head back to town with laptop in head to a repair shop we’d spotted.  We drop the laptop off just before they close for the day and then head back to the English pub we’d been to previously.  Chris had a steak and ale pie and me a full English breakfast complete with a cuppa.  Bliss! 

Afterwards we took a slow walk around the pretty botanical gardens.  We’d hoped to go to the cinema in the evening but upon arrival we found there were only very poor seats left so vowed to return another day for a Batman fix! 

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