Thursday, 9 August 2012

A home from home

Day 105 5.08.12 Gibraltar

After a lie in, we pick up a groggy headed Mark and head to Gibraltar.  To avoid having the van faffed about with by customs we park on the Spanish side of the border and walk in.  The customs procedure is relatively painless and then it’s just a case of walking across the AIRPORT RUNWAY to get into town.  I find the whole thing terrifying!  One minute a plane is taking off on the runway and next thing it’s a road full of cars and people!

Mark leads us to the centre of town and then heads off to his folks to freshen up.  Along the route we spot our first of Gibraltar’s famous wild monkeys.  He’s a lot cuter than I’d expected although he didn’t hang around long enough for a photo. 

We have a wander around the shops and the some of the more residential areas.  It’s a bizarre feeling indeed to walk down a high street with BHS and Marks and Spencer, UK bobbies and phone boxes but with gorgeous southern Spanish sunshine!  Everything is in English here, it’s like a home away from home!  That said there are lots of people chatting in Spanish in the street and the influence of Morocco can be felt too, it’s a real melting pot of cultures and very welcoming. 

We soon find ourselves an English pub selling Sunday roasts and despite pigging out yesterday we’re both over the moon at the thought of proper English grub.  Chris gets the roast lamb and I grab a steak and ale pie and we stuff ourselves silly on the massive portions.  Great value and mighty tasty too!
After a seemingly very long waddle back to the van we crash out with a DVD and catch up on some much needed sleep!

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