Saturday, 18 August 2012

Washing, Worten and the pursuit of Windows

Day 116 16.08.12 Fuengirola

After failing to acquire a decent wifi connection in the shopping centre we headed to a nearby McDonald’s.  After Chris’ laptop came back with only Ubuntu as a running system we’ve been trying to download a copy of Windows 7.  No joy at Maccy’s though, they seem to have blocked downloads.  We got some blog updates done at least before we started feeling guilty for taking up a space in the full car park and drove off.

Next stop was Worten, a Spanish Curry’s kind of store to look at the price of buying Windows.  They wanted over 200 euros so we went back to the van empty handed!  After lunch we got on with some much needed hand washing which took up the rest of the afternoon.

In the evening Rich called over after his local dog training class to bid us farewell as we leave Fuengirola tomorrow.  I can see the attraction of the place for some people but for us there’s not really enough to see to hold our attention so we’re off inland to Granada.  Thanks anyway to Rich for showing us around, it’s been great to catch up!   

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