Saturday, 18 August 2012

A flying visit to the Costa del Sol

Day 115 15.08.12 Fuengirola

After another quick trip to the shopping centre we were back on the road, this time to the holiday resort of Fuengirola.  Our friend Rich who lives nearby had suggested we visit and meet up with him there.  We found a parking spot beside a large shopping centre whose free wifi is disappointingly almost useless L

We stocked up on food at a nearby Lidl and had lunch before meeting Rich.  He took us through town and down to the beach.  Again the beach here is superb but rammed full of holiday-makers.  The promenade is packed with English and Irish pubs as well as chip shops and trinket sellers.  In its defence, Fuengirola isn’t as tacky as I’d expected (but it isn’t far off!).  There certainly are a few more fountains and attractive buildings than I would have expected which go some way to redeeming the Blackpool-esque sea front.  The castle was another pleasant surprise, high up on the hill top with some pretty (if a little arid) gardens leading up to it.  The inside was however decked out for a massive beer festival that was winding down after its week long stretch.  It made the whole place a little eerie and it felt somewhat like we were crashing a party by being there.  The views from the top however were lovely.

Fuengirola Castle, Spain
After some more exploring of the centre we went to grab a drink with Rich who we both know from Nottingham.  He came out to the region 7 months ago and works as a dog trainer just outside of Malaga.  It was lovely to catch up over a couple of drinks (including a freebie from the kind owner of Moochers).  From only having each other to talk to for the last 4 months, it’s been a rather sociable fortnight for us!

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