Thursday, 16 August 2012

Look no monkeys!

Day 112 12.08.12 Estepona

Church in Estepona
Estepona Plaza de las FloresAfter feeding the Gibraltarian mosquitos one last time we hit the road for Estepona.  It was a rather annoying start and stop journey along the freebie road.  Now we’re back in Spain and the quality of the roads is better we’re avoiding toll roads again.  Generally there’s a perfectly good freebie route that works out about the same duration since it’s rare for us to be able to hit 120 kph on the toll roads anyway! 

Fountain in Estepona
Our spot in Estepona is a huge scrap of wasteland by the beach on the outskirts of town.  There are good facilities nearby and a few other motorhomes dotted around.  After lunch we have a walk around the local area and then into town.  The beach is very nice and not too crowded although the sand is a little grey looking (common along this stretch of coast).  Town is quiet since its Sunday and almost everywhere is closed.  Nonetheless we go to check out the clock tower, flower square and main church.  All of which are pretty but nothing hugely spectacular! 

Fish drying out by the beach in Estepona
Our parking spot is by the marina and we enjoy a nice walk, having a look at all the fancy boats!  There’s a small market on as well with all sorts of interesting trinkets for sale.

There are a lot of English people out and about but thankfully Estepona has retained a lot of its traditional charm and not become too touristy.  I fear our next few stops along the Costa del Sol will not be the same!   Along the sea front the fishermen have all hung out their catches from the day in the sunshine.  Despite the rather gross smell, it’s nice to see these traditions upheld.

In the evening we take the water carriers to the foot showers on the beach to pilfer some water much to the disgust of people at the nearby bar.  Nonetheless we get enough to fill up the van and enjoy some nice showers in the morning.  Afterwards we settle down to watch Hugo which turns out to be a fantastic film.

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