Friday, 3 August 2012

A day in the sea

Day 99 30.07.12 Conil

Given our need to take a slow route to Gibraltar we decide to spend a second day in Conil.  First thing we head out to an out of town supermarket to stock up on food and drinks then head back to the car park.  The car park had been ridiculously busy the previous day which was a Sunday.  Now its Monday there’s hardly anyone about, just a handful of cars and loads of campers making for a much more chilled out place to be.

We’ve got access to water nearby so we get a load of hand washing done and laid out on the dashboard to dry in the sun.

After some lunch we take a long walk along the beach.  Away from the main access points to the beach the crowds thin out drastically and it’s pretty quiet, so much so there are a fair amount of people treating it as a nudist beach.  Despite the rather disturbing sights (eek!) we decide that it’s quiet enough to leave our stuff safely on the sand and to go for a dip in the sea.  The sea is really quite warm and we have a great time splashing around and relaxing in the waves.  So much so a couple of hours pass by before we start to get a little chilly! 

We head back to the van to shower off the sea water and get dry.  After an unsuccessful trip to use the town wifi (it had disappeared?!) we grabbed dinner at the van and then went to watch the sunset.  The beach was still surprisingly busy with people jogging and playing ball games as the sun dipped down into the water.  It really was a beautiful sight and lit the whole horizon up with a red glow.  Afterwards it’s back to the van to watch Star Wars.

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