Friday, 3 August 2012

Strait laced hippies

Day 98 29.07.12 Conil

Conil beach, southern spainDespite our love for Cadiz, we’re beginning to feel we’ve outstayed our welcome given our dodgy parking spot so it’s time to move on.  We’ve arranged to meet Mark a friend we know from Nottingham in Gibraltar.  He’s originally from there and has promised us a guided tour.  He’s not around for another week though so we plan to take our time heading over there and have a few lazy beach days along the way.

Conil, southern spain
Our next stop is Conil a beach resort popular with Spanish tourists.  The car park by the beach has huge signs up threatening to tow campervans but a stretch of wasteland on the other side is full of campers so we make our way over.  It’s a pretty spot right next to the beach.  The beach is a wide stretch of yellow sand that goes on as far as the eye can see.  The sea is once again wonderfully clear and very calm.  There are sand banks all the way out which mean in some places you can wander into the sea and get a long way from the beach before the water even reaches your waist.

We have a look around town but there’s not a great deal to see.  It’s very much a beach resort with a few cheap hostels and hippy shops.  It’s an odd mix to see so many laid-back hippy shops and scruffy surfer places alongside signs about keeping noise down, not drinking in public and being anti-campervans.  It seems a mixed message!

Conil beach, southern spain
We find a wifi spot in town so head back in the afternoon with the laptop for a blog update.  The bars and restaurants get busy and quite lively even from the early evening.  We retreat to the van for dinner and rather annoyingly manage to miss the sunset, we got distracted by food!    

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