Friday, 3 August 2012

Stinging sunburn and the broken bog.

Day 100 (woo!) 31.07.12 Barbate

The next spot on our journey is Barbate.  We know nothing about it except that we can park there and it has a beach so we go check it out.  We park up first by the river but it’s a bit rough and likely to be a mosquito paradise later on.  After a walk around town we spot a stretch of wasteland over the road from the supermarket and garage that has wifi so decide to move there. 

The waste tank of our toilet has been getting progressively more damaged and is getting close to being unusable.  We therefore spend most of today searching the internet to discover that they no longer make replacements (and haven’t for years).  This leads to looking into buying a whole new toilet and where we might be able to do that.  It’s a complete palaver and one of the major downsides of owning an old van.

We take a walk to the beach for a breather and are pleasantly surprised by how nice it is.  Barbate on the whole is pretty run down and doesn’t seem like much of a tourist place.  The beach area however has good facilities and great views.  We don’t spend too much time outside though as the dip in the sea has left Chris majorly sunburnt and the sun even through clothes is painful.

In the evening we use the internet to skype home and catch up with family.


  1. Hi
    Have been following your adventures with great interest as we also have an old Talbot. Great photos.
    Re the problem with the toilet; there is a secondhand one for sale on eBay, if that's any help.

    Fellow Camper

  2. Thank you so much! We've bid on it so fingers crossed it'll be ours. We managed to get a porta potti for the mean time though. Thanks again for the heads up :-)