Thursday, 30 August 2012

Its 40 odd degrees, I know let's buy a thick wool coat. Said nobody ever.

Day 129 29.08.12 Alicante

Murcia has been a great spot to visit but we’d seen all the sites in the one day so we’re leaving today.  We’re hoping that heading back to the sea will bring a little cooler weather or at least some sort of breeze!

We start up the engine to find however that the fuse for the fans has blown again.  Perhaps we should have sold it to Carlos after all!  Thankfully this time we missed the smoke and flames accompanying the last blow out, but nonetheless the fise has melted into the housing and won’t come out.  This results in a rather ludicrous excursion (wild goose chase) to a number of different garages, none of whom actually employ mechanics who’ll fix the problem!  Finally we get a recommendation for a Ford garage who promptly fit a new house for the fuse and wave us off without charging a penny.  Now that’s what I call service!

Back on the road again we make the hour drive to Alicante.  Our stop there is once again a shopping centre.  I’d love to be next to the beach but at the moment being near to a shopping centre with air conditioning is an absolute MUST.  After all the palaver with the fuse earlier it’s already mid-afternoon and in this heat neither of us feels like walking into town.  I’ve not seen the temperature today but in the absence of a breeze I’m pretty sure today is the hottest it’s been so far.  It really is uncomfortably warm and making us both a little worse for wear.

We cool off at the shopping centre and then head to a nearby launderette we’d spotted on the drive over.  It’s not been that long since our last launderette trip but we’re sweating through clothes at a frightening rate at the minute!  The launderette is thankfully air conditioned so we stay there and make fun of silly Spanish fashion magazines until our clothes are all fresh again.

Afterwards we head to McDonalds in the centre to do some writing and keep cool.  Unfortunately thanks to a VERY noise French family whose child mistook me for a climbing frame, it wasn’t the most productive of times!

Later on we went to check out another shopping centre hoping to grab some bargains at the Primark there.  Sadly the women's section was tiny and for some reason stocked entirely with winter clothes.  Who wants to buy a coat and gloves in this weather?!  Chris managed to pick up a t-shirt but that was it.  In the evening we had a yummy dinner of Bratwurst, wedges and good old baked beans (we bought a 6 pack in Gibraltar!) and then settled down to watch Indiana Jones.  Fingers crossed the weather cools down a bit tomorrow! 

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