Thursday, 9 August 2012

The toilet saga continues

3.08.12 Algeciras

We got on the road to Algeciras our next stop.  It’s a short journey and we find the ginormous car park pretty easily.   On first impressions, Algeciras is pretty run down and industrial, not the prettiest of places!  We set off to look around and find a graffiti competition/exhibition going on in the local park.  Most of it is utter rubbish but there are a couple of talented people doing some good work.  On the main street there is a bizarre flash mob doing zumba outside the Orange phone shop.  It’s all a bit odd! 

Away from the main street, which is full of international shops, Algeciras gets very run down and rough very quickly.  Unemployment is rife here and there are a lot of immigrants over from Africa.  The houses are all pretty rough around the edges and we spot in the estate agents that a pretty nicely done out 2 bedroom place can be yours for 40k!

The main square is pretty though and designed to look like the beautiful Plaza de Espana in Seville (although on a much smaller and cheaper scale!).  After a look around and some lunch in the van we decide to leave Algeciras.  It’s not a very nice place to be and we aren’t hugely comfortable leaving the van in its current location.

We travel around ten minutes out of town to the nearest beach to fill up the van with water.  We can’t park there though so it’s back on the road to an out of town shopping area.  We visit the Leroy Merlin store there to pick up a toilet we’ve seen online.  Sadly they only have one and it’s scuffed all over and missing a cap to the flush.  The store staff however refuse to offer a discount and we refuse to pay over 90 euros for a broken toilet and so leave!  In the evening we get some hand washing and showering done as well as updating the blog using a nearby McDonald’s free wifi.

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