Saturday, 14 July 2012

The windiest wind there ever was.

Day 82 13.07.12 Sagres 

Sagres coastline and beaches, PortugalThe next step of the journey takes us right down the most westerly point in the Algarve, called Sagres.  It’s another 2 hour drive, this time avoiding the toll roads in favour of a winding poorly paved single carriageway.  It’s not as bad as some of the roads we’ve experienced here but it seems that since Portugal made all motorways toll charged they’ve done nothing to maintain the free roads.

We call in at a big out of town supermarket and are immediately shocked by the fact that virtually everyone inside is English.  I knew there was a large ex-pat community in the Algarve but having not spotted a single English person in our last destination, it’s a surprise there are so many here.

Sagres beaches and stunning coastline, Portugal
Our first parking spot is by the fort on the edge of the peninsula.  It’s pretty run down and there’s an entry charge so we don’t bother to look around.  The real beauty of Sagres is in its beaches though.  I have never seen such divine beaches in my life.  These huge swathes of honey coloured sand sheltered by massive jagged rock faces and washed by turquoise seas.  They truly are picture perfect.

Sagres itself is a small resort with a handful of nice hotels and a similar number of bars.  There are a few tourists about but it feels like a bit of a ghost town.

Chris trying not to get blown away by the epic wind.Sadly today is perhaps the windiest day in the history of all time.  We are literally blown along as we walk around so sitting on the beach isn’t really an option since we’d rather our eyes weren’t full of sand.  On our wanderings we spot a second parking spot closer to the sea and a little bit more sheltered from the wind and move the van there.  After a little while however it becomes obvious that the wind knocking the van side to side is going to make sleeping very difficult so we decide to move on to our next destination of Lagos in the hope of more shelter and more to do. 

It’s a short half an hour drive.  We check out the free parking in the north of the town with free facilities but it’s a bit of a trek from the centre.  Instead we plump for a more central spot that despite looking like resident only parking turns out to be a public car park with a launderette and supermarket around the corner.  Perfect.

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