Saturday, 14 July 2012

A walk on the beach

Day 81 12.07.12 Vila Nova de Milfontes

The next stretch of Portugal, the Alentejo region doesn’t have a huge amount to offer by way of coastline on major cities to see that aren’t very far inland.  We had hoped to visit Evora but it’s a long stretch inland from Setubal and then a very long drive to get to any coastal spots further south.  Instead we decided to hotfoot it down to the Algarve with a couple of longer drives than usual.

The first stretch takes us to Vila Nova de Milfontes one of the only resorts on the route.  The drive takes a couple of hours but the van is running well and the roads aren’t bad.  The views along the way were incredibly barren, lots of arid land that looked more like the American mid-west than Portugal!  Our parking spot was a scrap of land very near the beach with lots of other campervans around. 

We walked along to the peninsula to take in the amazing views of beautiful blue sea all around.  The beaches here are truly spectacular and the sea is crystal clear.  After nipping into town to the supermarket and the post office we headed back to the beach.  We took a lovely long walk along the edge of the sea, watching little fish dart about between our feet.  The beaches were wonderfully quiet despite the glorious weather and the honey coloured sand is super soft.  It’s been a little while since we’ve enjoyed such a gorgeous beach spot and it’s incredibly relaxing.  It’s these little moments that make us really appreciate how fortunate we are to be able to do this. 

It definitely seems this is more of a holiday destination for Portuguese than foreigners and whilst there really isn’t much to see or do here, the setting is just gorgeous. 

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