Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sunset saves the day

Day 67 - 28.06.12 Peniche

We got up and drove into town to pick up Chris’ laptop.  Sadly they hadn’t been able to get the data off or fix it.  Thankfully they didn’t charge us for the work at least!  Nonetheless it’s a real pain especially since he only bought it in January and it contains the first chapters of a book he’s been writing.

We travel back to our nice quiet coastal parking spot to use the wifi we can pick up there to contact the laptop manufacturers tech support and arrange to send the damn thing back.  It’s quite a palaver and they are rather useless.  Generally another crappy day!

At least in the evening the cloud that had lingered for the last few days had cleared and we got a beautiful sunset.  The views from our parking spot were fantastic, with sapphire blue sea all around a clear views over to the bird sanctuary on an island in the distance.

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