Saturday, 14 July 2012

Slobbing out in Setubal

Day 80 - 11.07.12 Setubal

Our wild camping spot in Setubal beside the riverWe decided to spend a second day in Setubal based largely on having a good strong internet connection.  We’ve become a little bit fed up of our DVD collection so we acquired some new films to watch over the course of the day.  We also caught up on emails, nagging Acer tech support and some neglected blog bits and bobs.

We got some water from the fisherman HQ next door for showers and also to get some hand washing done.  Other than a trip to the supermarket and a bit of a wander around town we didn’t get up to much.  The previous day’s early start had left us both a little groggy so a day vegging out was definitely called for.

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