Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Making friends with bacon

Day 90 21.07.12 Seville 

After the last couple of days of trekking around the city in the incredible heat we’re a little run down.  I’ve managed to sprout a rather painful foot blister that hurts when I walk and we’re both covered in heat rash.  Cue a rather lazy day. 

We have to make a supermarket run for water and fruit juice as we’re going through it by the bucket-load at the moment!   

We also check out the monastery that’s right next to our parking spot.  It’s an attractive building with impressive Moorish domes and tile work.  It has largely been filled by a rather pretentious looking modern art museum.  We give it a miss, not being fans of modern art (to say the least).  Afterwards we head further along the river to some large gardens and the Expo site.  The expo was designed to incorporate this part of the river into more tourists Seville visits but its empty, a total ghost town.  The gardens are still quite well maintained and smell strongly of the orange trees lining the paths.  The park is full of dragonflies which are just everywhere in Seville.  There are utterly massive too and really rather terrifying, although not as bad as the giant black bees which truly do give me the creeps!

Other than that we laze around in the van trying to keep cool via some blissfully cold showers.  We also make friends with some local stray cats using mainly bacon.

Here's some pics that didn't make the cut over the last few days.  I had so many to choose from!

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