Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Feelin hot hot HOT!

Day 88 19.07.12  Seville

We got up early and decided to get on the road and out of Portugal.  Whilst we’ve seen some great places here, there’s not a huge lot left on the next stretch of coast and we long for Spain’s much cheaper prices!  Having consulted the map we decide to head to Seville, a city we’ve both been looking forward to.  It’s a 2 hour journey although thankfully mostly one long stretch on the same motorway.  We’re glad to be back on Spain’s free and much better quality motorways that’s for sure!

Our spot in Seville is a dusty car park in Triana on the opposite side of the river to the city but close to a bridge.  We’d heard all sorts of stories about Seville’s heat but until you’ve experienced it, you really have no idea how sweltering 44 degrees can be!  Nevertheless we head out to explore the city and immediately fall head over heels for the place.

We stroll along the river side past the huge bullring and alongside the impressive Torre del Oro, now a naval museum.   We find our way to the main centre of the city and take a walk past the ginormous cathedral and marvel at the beautiful Giralda tower alongside it.  Seville is a stunning city absolutely full of spectacular architecture with a strong Moorish theme.  There are lots of brightly tiled walls and magnificent ceramics. 

It really is a city you need to get lost in.  Ditch the maps and just wander around and walk down streets just to see what’s there.  You won’t be disappointed!  We stumbled across the most amazing architecture I’ve ever seen at seemingly every turn.  Even residential buildings are wonderfully detailed.  One downside I’d mention is that because the city is so built up, it can be difficult to get far enough away from some of the buildings to really appreciate them.  One major plus however is that many of the streets are shaded with strips of fabric hanging from one side to the other to keep it somewhat cool!

Plaza de Espana, Seville Spain

Plaza de Espana in Seville, Southern SpainWe later headed up to the Plaza de Espana, the phenomenal square with water all around its edges and wonderful tile work.  I cannot enthuse about this place enough, I really can’t.  I’ve seen so many pictures but none do this masterpiece justice.  The level of detail on the buildings and bridges, the colours of the ceramics, the intricate tile-work and all of this beauty reflecting on the water makes for a wondrous sight.  You really have to see it to understand how amazing it really is.

Beside the Plaza is a huge park full of sculptures and fountains again with a Moorish influence.  It’s a lovely place to wander through on our route home.  It’s been a busy day of exploring a new city but we’ve already fallen for Seville’s charms despite its blistering heat!

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