Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Museum day

Day 89 20.07.12 Seville 

On our second day in Seville we plan to keep out of the heat a little by visiting a few museums.  First we head to the fine art museum which is 1.50 euros to enter or free with an EU passport, an absolute steal.  In Portugal this place would be at least 5 euros.  The museum is packed with some incredible work.  The first part is almost entirely religious and whilst impressive it gets a little much by the end.  After this there are a number of rooms of excellent portraits and sculptures.  The main hall is a huge extravagant space with brilliant fresco ceilings and again many fine works.  It’s a large and very well put together museum with a lot of great art.  All of the rooms are arranged around some fine patios brimming with greenery.  A fine way to while away a couple of hours and stay air conditioned cool.

Our next stop was the archaeology museum in the park beside the Plaza de Espana.  I must admit we took a detour back the Plaza to enjoy it once more.  I really am still blown away by the place, it’s just phenomenally beautiful!  The route to the museum took in a number of fountains and some lovely green space.  The pavilion is particularly beautiful as too is the museum of modern customs.  

The archaeology building itself is impressive too.  The entry price is the same as the fine arts museum (aka free!)   The first room is a rather dull collection of…you guessed it…pots (sigh).  Quite a worrying amount of pots that leads me to believe this might have been a wasted trip.  We spur onward though and are rewarded with much more impressive collections in the next few rooms.  There are a lot of Roman statues, a great collection of coins and some very well preserved mosaics.

We head back to the van along some random streets we hadn’t been along and find many more wonderful buildings we’d previously missed.  Seville seems to be a city full of gorgeous surprises.

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