Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Scenes from a sci fi movie

Day 91 22.07.2012 Seville

In the morning we both get some hand washing done having found a handy water tap nearby on our adventures yesterday.

Setas de la Encarnacion, Seville in Southern SpainAfter lunch we head out to the Cathedral having read that entry is free on Sunday afternoons.  Sadly by rather out of date guidebook is incorrect and at 8 euros each we decide to give it a miss.  The cathedral looks amazing but we’re on a tight budget and known our next trip to Cordoba’s mosque will be pretty expensive.  We’re both disappointed but plough on to Setas de la Encarnacion a huge space age looking structure.  It looks like a city from a sci-fi movie and we head inside to look around.  There’s a lift that takes you up to the top of the structure for panoramic views of the city.  At 1.30 euros a ticket it seems a fair deal and we get inside the space age looking lift.

The top of the building is like a disused rollercoaster, with huge undulating curves of metal that offer 360 views above the city.  It really goes to show how many spectacular buildings Seville has to offer.  It was a great experience and made up for not being able to go up the Giralda tower.

Setas de la Encarnacion, Seville Spain
We then headed over to the Casa de Pilatos assuming that the high 8 euro entry fee would mean the building was very impressive but sadly we were disappointed.  It’s attractive but I think it’s main draw is the patios and internal decorations which we didn’t get to see for free.  We chose to head back to the van through Triana on the opposite side of the river to Seville central.  It was very lively with bands playing in the streets and crowds gathered by the river watching some kind of competition that involved walking along a pole for as long as possible before falling in the river (most people were pretty rubbish at said game). 

We’ll be leaving Seville tomorrow to head to Cordoba and visit the mosque.  We’ll be coming back here en route to the coast as otherwise it’s a ridiculously long drive.  Nonetheless it’s sad to be leaving Seville as we’ve well and truly fell for its charms.  It’s an amazing city and if you’ve never been I urge you to visit.  The only downsides of this place for us are that its pretty far from the sea and that its just too hot.  We love great weather but it will happily stay 44 degrees here from 10am to 9pm and that’s a bit much for us!

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