Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sun-worshippers paradise

Day 84 15.07.12 Praia da Rocha

After an early morning Aldi trip to stock up on bargains we headed to Praia da Rocha.  Our car parking spot there turned out to cost 2.50 euros for the night but after a busy drive filled with some terrible Portuguese drivers we were keen to just stop so gave in and paid the man.  It was a very busy car park with loads of campers, some which looked like they call the place home permanently.  There were no services though, not even a bin so we were a little miffed at the price.  Nonetheless wild camping is technically illegal in the Algarve and police can levy some pretty hefty fines, so heading to where all the other campers are tends to be the wisest move.

After grabbing some lunch we headed out to look around.  The nearby marina was full of incredibly expensive yachts.  The beach was huge and very nice, surprisingly quiet too.  Considering this is supposedly one of the busiest tourist destinations it was very empty indeed.  We were happy to spot some beach showers cubicles until we discovered they were cold showers which cost 1 euro for 2 minutes.  Great for a post sea dip wash-down but not ideal if you’re looking to get clean and wash your hair!  I must admit there’s not a lot else to see in Praia da Rocha, I’m sure it’s great for family holidays and some of the hotels look fantastic but it’s a sun-worshippers beach break pure and simple.

We actually spent a fair amount of the day in the van watching films as it was just so hot!  It was about 36 degrees and there was very little breeze so any effort left you exhausted and sweltering!  There was no town to walk around in the shade so unless we wanted to bake ourselves on the beach there wasn’t a lot to do!  In the evening once it had cooled down we headed out for a walk up to the look-out point to enjoy views of the marina and bay which were very pretty.

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