Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Portuguese work ethic strikes again.

Day 69 - 30.06.12 Sintra

Having finally organised for Chris’ busted laptop to go back to tech support in Blighty we trekked over to the outskirts of Sintra to the post office.  It was a gorgeous walk with some great views over the city and the Disney-esque town hall.   Despite being the outskirts of town there were a lot of attractive architecture to see. 

Sadly though on our arrival we discovered that the post office was closed all weekend!  We grabbed a few bits to eat from the nearby supermarket and then headed back to the van. 

In the afternoon we set out to have a better look around the historical centre of Sintra, taking in the narrow hilly streets of little shops and cafes.  Unfortunately it was a bit late in the day to set out to any of the big castles and palaces which are all quite far out of town.  The centre is very pretty and whilst there’s a lot of tourist-oriented activity it hasn’t been spoiled by unpleasant pushiness in vying for the tourist euro.  

There are lots of extravagant houses in the hills around Sintra and the city is overlooked by a spectacular Moorish castle high on the hill overlooking the centre.  The National Palace of Sintra in the centre is looking a little worse for wear unfortunately but we’re looking forward to visiting it tomorrow when its free ;-)  On the route back to the van there’s a fantastic Moorish fountain that’s worth mentioning and the walk is made even prettier by the open air sculpture exhibition taking place all along the way.

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