Thursday, 5 July 2012

Peniche PC palaver

Day 66 - 27.06.12 - Peniche

Chris’ laptop has been broken since Alcobaca so we headed into town to see if we could find anyone to take the data off and perhaps fix it.  We found such a place and left the laptop with them whilst we went to look around the centre of Peniche.

The centre of Peniche is a bit run-down, grey and disappointing.  There’s not a lot to see and its full of people hassling you to stay at a room in their guest house or eat at their restaurant.  The fort on the sea front is fun (and free) to look around, although the closed down prison inside is pretty creepy! 

Unfortunately after the two hours we were told to wait, we were then told the laptop wasn’t ready and now wouldn’t be until after Portugal’s football match that evening!  A fine example of the Portuguese work ethic!  We pottered about town and watched a few episodes of Futurama to pass the hours.  We tried to watch the football on the big screen in the main square but seemed to attract the attention of a group of very dodgy looking locals so retreated back to the van.  After realising the match had gone to extra time and then would be penalties we decided the laptop could wait until tomorrow so that we could get back on the road to our previous parking spot whilst avoiding having to share the road with the post-match drunk traffic!
A bit of a rubbish day really!

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