Monday, 9 July 2012

Laziness and life admin

Monument to the discoveries, Belem LisbonDay 74 - 05.07.12 Belem
Jeronimos monastery, Belem Lisbon Not a lot to report on our second day in Belem really, as we had a bunch of life admin to catch up on.  Chris got some hand washing done whilst I wrote a few blog entries and then we went over the the modern art exhibitions lovely gardens to use their wifi.  We got a massive blog update done (sorry about the delay) and had a dull game of email tennis with the truly useless Acer tech support guys. 

Monastery of Jeronimos, Belem Lisbon
After that we grabbed some bits and bobs from the local supermarket and had a bit of a walk around Belem.  Since I didn’t really take any photos today I’ve included a few that didn’t make yesterday’s cut. 

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