Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Little Britain

Day 83 14.07.12 Lagos

We awoke to another bright sunny morning and set off to explore Lagos.  It’s a prettier town than we’d expected with some attractive churches and huge fortress walls.  It’s enjoyable to walk around the centre although you can see why so many people call this place ‘Little Britain’.  The winding narrow streets are full of bars geared towards UK tourists with menus and signs all in English.  More still there are ex-pat run bars where you can order a full English breakfast until 7pm at night.  It’s a little much at times, especially in the evening when the groups of rowdy, drunken tourists hit the streets loaded up on lethal 2 for 1 cocktails.

We took a walk over to the marina, a quieter area full of day-tripper boats ready to take tourists up to the local beaches, the rocky grottoes or dolphin spotting.

The view from Ponta da Piedade of Lagos coastlineWe nip back to the van for lunch and then around to the nearby Spar shop which has a handy launderette inside.  We get a wash-load of larger stuff we can’t hand-wash and then set out to find the beach.  It’s a bit of a walk to the lookout point of Ponta da Piedade but completely worth it.  The views along the craggy coast are exactly those you see in postcards and brochures for the Algarve and they are just as magnificent in real life.  I really can’t put into words quite how gorgeous the coast here is and I can only hope my pictures give you some of an idea.

The Lagos coast viewed from Ponta da Piedade

Afterwards we headed back to the van and drove over to the free aire on the other side of town to make good use of the free wifi.  We walked to a nearby (ish) Aldi and grabbed ourselves some bits for dinner.  It’s the first Aldi we’ve spotted in Portugal and much better value than other supermarkets so we plan to head back with the van in the morning, but for now its home for dinner and a movie after a very enjoyable day.

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