Sunday, 29 July 2012

Out of the fire and into the frying pan

Day 95 26.07.12 Ecija

The rain did little to clear the air and it’s another roasting hot night, so much so it’s gone 4am before I manage to get any sleep!  This means it’s mid-morning before we’re up and about and on the road to Ecija.  It’s probably not the smartest idea we’ve ever had since Ecija is known as the ‘frying pan of Andalusia’ on account of its blistering hot summers.  Thankfully there’s a bit of a breeze when we arrive so it’s bearable but still a bit too much.

Ecija church tower, Southern SpainEcija plaza de espana, Southern SpainWe park up beside a park on the road-side, not ideal but parking isn’t exactly plentiful here.  We walk to a nearby shopping centre to catch up on wifi and grab some bits for lunch before heading out to look around town.  Ecija is known for its many attractive church towers dotted around the centre.  There are 11 in total, many of which are very pretty.  It’s a nice, relaxed place with lots of lazy plazas and shaded streets.  The Plaza de Espana main square houses some beautiful buildings and a large fountain.  The streets are very quiet and most shops are shut up for most of the afternoon presumably on account of the heat.  Despite the breeze it’s incredibly hot and we end up retreating to the van after a somewhat short look around.

Ecija church tower, Southern SpainTypical Ecija plazaThe park we’re next to fortunately has toilets so we fill up on water and get a load of hand washing done.  It’s time consuming toasty work but the laundry bag was looking pretty full.  After dinner we head out to walk up to the big shopping centre on the end of town.  It’s odd that Ecija has two big centres given its small size.  Along the route there are several large impressive statues and a small park area.  Hopefully this late night walk will cool us down enough to get some sleep tonight! 

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