Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cordoba’s culture….and Primark.

Day 92 23.07.12 Cordoba

 We had intended to get up super early to travel to Cordoba but after both having a terrible night’s sleep on account of the toasty conditions we opted to snooze the alarm and set off at a more reasonable 9:30 am.  The drive was pretty hellish with some dubious directions from the Sat Nav and a non-existent car park destination.  The spot we eventually found is perfect though, just back from the Roman bridge which leads over into the historic centre and offers great views of the mesquita and surrounding buildings.
We ventured over and looked in the free section of the mosque (we plan to return for a full visit tomorrow).  We also ambled around the rest of town taking in numerous architectural delights on the way.  It was early afternoon by this point so we headed back to the van for lunch and then over to a large shopping complex on the edge of town for more water and fruit juice.  We just can’t seem to drink enough at the moment, it’s so hot!  The centre had a huge plane randomly parked outside and was a strange mix of individually owned shops and big brands, including a Primark?!

After dropping off the shopping we went back to town and enjoyed an early evening stroll around.  The streets were incredibly quiet and the sun low enough in the sky to make almost everywhere in the shade, a perfect time for more sight-seeing.  We came across the well maintained ruins of a Roman temple which were particularly impressive.  The Moorish influence in town makes for some lovely features and attractive patios.  Sadly most places are closed on Mondays so there we couldn’t look closer at these lovely buildings, but we can’t wait to do so tomorrow!

We grabbed dinner back at the van and then back to town for Cordoba by night.  The city is very well lit in a sympathetic way to highlight the details of buildings without being tacky.  There were a lot more people out and about enjoying the sights at this time and it was lovely to cool down before bed.  A little after we got back to the van we were surprised by a fireworks display going on by the river, most of which we could make out from the van.  It’s a shame we didn’t know about it in advance though, else we’d have headed to the river to check it out!  All in all we’re very impressed with Cordoba and look forward to more exploring tomorrow.

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