Sunday, 29 July 2012

Majestic Mesquita

Day 93 24.07.12 Cordoba
Our day started with a trip to the shopping centre to use McDonald’s wifi to update the blog.  It took a little while but with ice cold drinks and air conditioning we didn’t mind too much!

Mesquita or mosque in Cordoba, Southern Spain
After heading back to the van to drop off the laptop and grab some lunch we went into town to visit the Mosque (mesquita).  The first impressions when you walk in really are breath taking.  The huge striped arches you recognise from photos are far more impressive than you’d expect and they seem to go on for miles. 

Sadly a cathedral has been built in the centre of the old mosque.  Whilst the Christian architecture, sculptures and stained glass windows are very attractive, they seem quite jarring with the more understated yet impossibly beautiful Moorish sections.  The old mosque sections are for me the real highlight.  The spectacularly detailed arches, glistening gold designs on the wall and wonderfully shaped windows are totally awe inspiring. 

Some rooms off the side of the main mosque hold Christian church decorations including a ginormous golden lamp which must weigh a ton!  There are also some large statues and all sorts of other gaudy gold bits and pieces.  It really is odd how different the mosque and the cathedral elements are.  The mosque, whilst it is wonderfully detailed and entails an immense amount of work is somehow subtle and understated next to the Christian parts which seem to shout and scream for your attention.

After the mosque we headed up to the archaeology museum (1.50 or free with an EU passport).  There was a pleasing lack of broken pots and some nice Roman statues and mosaics but not a huge amount else.  We had a bit more of a walk around town and visited a Moorish influenced church and then headed home.   

Cordoba's mesquita, Southern Spain

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