Sunday, 29 July 2012

Beggar off!

Day 94 25.07.12 Cordoba

So it turns out that the self-appointed car park attendant guys aren’t confined to Portugal, they’re here in Spain to bug us too.  The last couple of days we’ve had a polite and helpful (if a bit batty) old guy who was content with a euro to ensure nothing happened to the van in our absence and to keep things sweet with the bar we’re parked up by.  We’d rather not have to pay but it’s a small price to keep the peace and put our minds at ease.  This morning we’re hassled by a new guy in his twenties with a handful of teeth wanting more money and being a little loud about it.  The joke is starting to wear thin now but it’s hard to know what the consequences are of telling these guys to get lost, especially when the van is our home.  The last thing we need is a slashed tire or smashed window.  It’s likely we’ll leave tomorrow but these antics are starting to really get annoying.

We make for the fine arts museum (again 1.50 or free with an EU passport), it’s not as big as the one in Seville but there are some nice paintings and some good sculptures.  There’s also a terrible modern art section with a couple of paintings that appear to have been done by drunken toddlers (god I hate modern art). 

Again we have another wander around town, spotting some new fountains and churches.  Cordoba is a lovely place to explore but it looks like we’ve seen most of it now.  We have lunch in a small park that’s very pretty and then amble around some more.  We retreat to the van mid-afternoon as the heat is getting a bit too much to handle.  It’s still about 38-40 degrees but there’s no breeze so it’s a real killer.

After a little while of chilling out the dark clouds start to gather in the sky and we head to the shopping centre for some bits from the supermarket and some wifi.  On our return there’s a huge storm and lots of rain.  It’s great news as we’d been beginning to forget what it looked like!  Hopefully it will clear the air a little and get the solar panel cleaned off too!  

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