Sunday, 29 July 2012

Head over heels for Cadiz!

Day 97 28.07.12 Cadiz

Cadiz casino, SpainDespite our dodgy parking situation we decide to spend a second day in Cadiz.  We’ve had no bother so far and neither of us wants to leave! 

We head back to the tall ships and a much smaller crowd.  This means we can look around a couple of the bigger boats including the huge Ecuadorian entry and one of the Portuguese.  It was very interesting to look around and the sailors in their bright white uniforms looked super smart!  There were also a number of classic cars parked up at the dock area, not hugely rare but still great to look at.

Cadiz casino, SpainWe spend some more time ambling around the centre and along the coast line.  We head up to the big gates which mark the start of Cadiz’s old town.  There’s a huge fountain and big turreted walls.  Sadly the walls are limestone so the sea air isn’t doing them much good!

Upon wandering the centre we come across the casino and go and have a quick look inside.  It’s decorated in an utterly gorgeous Moorish style with intricately carved archways and a small central fountain.  The detail is superb, the amount of work that must have gone in the place is astonishing.  It’s an overwhelmingly impressive building and somewhere I would’ve loved to have spent more time, if we had the money for gambling!

In the evening we find ourselves back at the dinosaur park and then watching the sunset again.  Once again the locals are out in force and clap at the end.  I can’t explain how much I love that!

There’s such a relaxed feeling here and a much wider variety of people than you see in most of Spain.  There are lots of people here with tattoos and piercings and a large gay community.  It makes for a very welcoming atmosphere and we feel at home here after just 2 days.  Everyone seems so happy and friendly.  In the main square at night there are families out with children until past midnight, it’s such a safe atmosphere. 
Cadiz is an incredibly special place and quite possibly our favourite of all the places we’ve been.  Whilst there aren’t the huge impressive buildings of Seville or Cordoba, it’s beautiful in its own way and being a thin peninsula means you’re never far from crystal clear waters and spectacular views.  The atmosphere and the people really make the place what it is though.  And what it is, is pretty damn awesome.

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