Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bye bye Belem

Day 78 - 9.07.12 Belem

Our plan for leaving Lisbon involves getting up at 4am to ensure we don’t encounter traffic.  Having travelled through the capital on buses and trams we know it’s a nightmare and people drive like nutters so we decided it’s best to avoid them.

That means that the day leading up to our stupid o’clock alarm call is spent relaxing.  Short of a trip to the supermarket and some time online at the art gallery we don’t really get up to a lot.  It’s been a lovely stay in Belem, a truly very beautiful place.  We’ve been lucky with our parking here having spent almost a week in the same spot by the river without any hassle.  It’s a shame to leave really.  As much as we weren’t overly wowed by Lisbon itself, Belem has been a great place to spend a while.

Here's a couple of pictures from yesterday's trip to the Palacio de Ajuda in Belem.

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