Monday, 9 July 2012

Beer cake? What is this wonderment of which you speak?!

Day 76 - 07.07.12 Belem

 After our whistle stop tour of all things Lisbon we woke up achy and in need of some rest.  We headed over to the art museum for wifi, to receive yet more useless emails from Acer tech support (sigh). 

We also grabbed a few bits from the supermarket including a bargain 24 bottles of Carlsberg for 6.99.  This wouldn’t usually be worthy of note but bargains are virtually non-existent in Portugal.  Food and soft drinks are expensive and petrol is much more costly than in Northern Spain.  Entry prices for attractions have also gone up quite drastically of late (compared to those in my guide book which is a few years old).

Pasteis de Belem, Lisbon
In the evening we set out to try Belem’s famous custard pastries from the shop in town that has been selling them for 175 years.  They certainly were tasty although a little over-priced.  Nonetheless whatever time of day there is always a huge queue of people outside, locals and tourists alike, waiting to get their hands on some.  We also tried some ‘beer cake’ which although it tasted nothing like beer was also damn yummy!  Since I didn’t take many pictures today here’s some extra ones from Lisbon and a shot of the pasteis de Belem.

Oh and a mosquito bit me in the armpit :-(

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