Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A slice of home cooked heaven

Day 85 16.07.12 Armacao de Pera 

We got up early to leave Praia de Rocha and head for Silves, an adorable hill-top town around half an hour away.  We arrived in good time and parked up alongside the river, just down from a pretty Roman bridge.  We climbed up through town to the cathedral at the top, a simple but attractive building.  Along from that was the Moorish castle which we went to have a look around.  There were great views from the top of the walls and a nice garden area.  It’s another sweltering day so it’s great to get up high and find a small breeze!  There’s also a very small museum with the obligatory broken pots they found digging up the place. 

There wasn’t a lot else to see in Silves so we got back on the road to the coast at Rocha Brava.  

Unfortunately our spot there was at the top of a cliff with no sign of a beach.  We went for a walk around the cliff tops and enjoyed the fantastic views over the sea.  After about 20 minutes in the blistering heat we bumped into a walker who told us the nearest beach was a further 10 minutes away but the cliff top path started to get pretty unsafe so we decided to turn back, grab the van and go the road way.  We drove to a nearby beach in the hope of a dip in the sea but it was very busy and we couldn’t get a decent spot to park.  Once again there were lots of ‘no camper’ signs everywhere.

We decided to drive to nearby Armacao de Pera in the hope of finding a beach spot there.  Not the smartest idea we’ve had!  As you can see from the picture, the beach was a *tad* busy.  So this is where all the tourists were hiding?!  We parked up in a large car park with huge signs saying ‘no campers’.  Despite the signs there were at least 10 other campers parked around so we decided to risk it.  In the evening we headed over the road to an English pub to treat ourselves to slice of home.  We grabbed ourselves some yummy Brit dinners of chicken and leek pie for Ali and sausage and eggs for Chris.  After three months of mainly eating sandwiches it was so tasty and we waddled back to the van for a movie and bed.

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