Saturday, 2 June 2012

You can take away my showers but you will NEVER take my wifi!

31.05.12 Baiona

After a lazy morning we left Pontevedra and got back on the road to the coast.  The views along the route were once again amazing particularly as we crossed the river by Vigo.  Our spot on the outskirts of Baiona is right on the beach and close to a paid campsite.  It’s a scorching 31 degrees and the sun is baking. 

The area is just beautiful.  We're sandwiched between the town of Baiona to the left and Nigran to the right, both of which look amazing over the water.  The sand on the beach is the whitest I've ever seen and feels incredibly fine.  There are lots of expensive looking beach properties along the route and some cute little boats.

We pull up to look around the area and discover the showers on the beach aren’t working.  It’s such a frustration as we’ve driven out of our way to the beach to be able to enjoy the sea and freebie beach showers.  That’s even more important now the weather has become so hot!  We decide to ask the campsite owner if we can use his showers and offer to pay but he’s a total jobsworth about it and flatly refuses.  Bloody annoying at the time but makes me feel all the better for stealing his wifi later on ;-)

We head along the beach to some toilets and find a water tap outside that’s on so we can fill up the solar shower thankfully!  It’s a bit of a palaver but great to freshen up.  We wait until the sun dies off a little before exploring town proper.  There’s not a massive amount to see by way of attractive buildings but there’s an old fort by the marina we vow to return to explore the following day when it’s hopefully a little cooler.  

The sunset that evening was just gorgeous and it’s great to be back by the sea.
Sunset in Baiona


  1. It looks beautiful! That sunset picture is just stunning! *envious* :)
    Keri x

  2. Thanks Keri, it was a great spot!