Monday, 11 June 2012

We’ve got gas!

Day 46 07.06.12 Viana Do Castelo

Sadly it turns out you really can’t have everything and the Pizza Hut send my stomach nuts, swelling to the size of a pregnant lady and making movement difficult, so we had to stay another day in Viana.  As you can imagine we didn’t do much!  We stocked up at the supermarket, caught up on the blog posts and read.

In the afternoon we decided to have a look at fixing the on board gas system (no, the title of this blog is not a reference to my digestive complaints).  We had two full bottles of gas that seemed to be working fine with the adaptor and piping.  We couldn’t however turn the isolator switches to get the gas to the hob, grill and oven.  This had meant that for six weeks we had only really eaten sandwiches and believe me it was getting very boring!  Having tried a number of things, Chris ended up prising one of the taps off to see the workings underneath.  It turned out that the plastic taps were not turning the metal taps underneath which after years of not being used had become very stiff.  After turning them with pliers we now had gas!  Finally a break from sandwiches!

The sunrise that evening was just phenomenal.  I’d been really gutted that the clouds looked set to ruin it but I think they only made it better!

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